The experience and technique

to offer you the best brioches.


We recreate traditional recipes and techniques, using modern technology that guarantees the quality and uniformity of the product. We align our formulas not only with nutritional concerns but also with different lifestyles.

Innovative products based on the know‐how accumulated over 4 generations and the result of curiosity, ingenuity and monitoring of market trends.

Since 2006, we specialize in brioche and puff paste, and we currently have 3 production lines and an installed production capacity of up to 10 tons / day. Production flexibility allows us a variety of options, in addition to providing products at room temperature, fresh or longlasting, as well as frozen products that only need to be defrosted to be ready for consumption.

We also have versatility in packaging options that can be more handmade or group or individual flowpack, and in bulk.

Food Quality and Safety

At RealBolo, food safety and our products quality is a priority. We carefully select our raw materials and suppliers, control the various process stages and verify the quality of the final product. We ensure the traceability of the product from the raw material until they reach our customers’ table.

We provide all the nutritional information and the list of ingredients in the packaging of sale and / or transport of products, and whenever requested by customers or consumers. We are also always available to answer questions and concerns of customers and consumers, since our goal is to contribute to make informed decisions.

Social Responsibility

We believe in a fairer world for everyone, that’s why we collaborate with Rumo and APPACDM to integrate people with reduced or disabled abilities.

We also support several institutions that promote education and integration with RealBolo products.

We want to strengthen ties with the community and for that we promote stable and reliable relationships with employees, customers and suppliers. In addition, we prefer to support institutions and activities close to us.

We collaborate in education and training activities – Best Almada, Group 1135, Scalabrian Cologne – through food support and excursions to our facilities. We support the integration of people with disabilities by giving them a job in the company in association with Rumo, as well as through the services of institutions that employ them, such as APPACDM. We promote sports and that is why we are partners of BAC – Basket Clube de Almada.

To reduce the consumption of natural resources, we select materials with excellent thermal performance at the construction site and opt for efficient production equipment. We reuse whenever possible and send waste for recycling.

The fight against food waste is constant, but when it happens and is reasonable, we collaborate with Banco Alimentar and with Comunidade Vida e Paz. In case this situation cannot be achieved, we donate the waste to the neighbours for animal feed, and they return fresh products to us.

Productive Process

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