A Real History


represents today the strength of the adventure, vision, resistance
and passion of 4 generations of a very Portuguese family: the Real family.
This family business is an emblem of modern distribution, recreating high
quality products made with recipes and traditional techniques.

This four‐generation

learning begins in the 1940s, when bread was a scarce and a well‐controlled good.
In the difficult context of the war, the first generation of the Real family
started, in the town of Meio Corte, Covilhã, a small artisanal bread business.

In this small bakery

the whole process was in baker´s hands, from the
purchase of cereals to production, rationalization and transport. This role,
which was extremely important in society at that time, moved him to a
managerial / business position, since, on the one hand, his mission was to
feed the population, and on the other, find solutions to increase

This is how the second generation

of the Real family left the town, where
the vision was regional, and acquired bakeries in Fundão, where they began
to use technologically advanced manufacturing processes. This allowed
them not only to expand their marketing area but also to partner with a
local supermarket network.

This vision of expanding the distribution network has stimulated greater
production and the creation and recreation of new products. From bread
to cakes, including biscuits, esquecidos [portuguese pastry], pastries,
among others, that allowed to value regional products of short range,
making them known and appreciated in other regions.

The search for innovation

led José Gonçalves Real to visit international industrial machinery fairs and in 1969 the first CYCLOTHERAL OVEN was imported. Innovation and passion for machines has always gone hand in hand with business evolution.

This growth

led to the use of new industrial technologies that would allow production to keep up with the increasing demand and scale potential. In the 70’s, the family already had 3 factories completely dedicated to the production of various products, namely, in the category of snacks: Real snacks.

In the 80’s

already with the third family generation and after a structural
change in the Portuguese industry, the Real family settled in Lisbon,
resuming its production with cakes such as packing milk breads, bean cakes
and croissants, with greater resistance to room temperature.

With several distributors

working in the traditional market, the distribution
expands nationwide, and in 1985 the brand RealBolo is created.
In 1989, RealBolo moved from the previous facilities to Rua das Industrias;
the new space had 400m2.

In 1992

Fofos were introduced in the national market, with immediate
success. For many years, this new product was part of the ten best‐selling
items in Portuguese supermarkets. This success was due to the production
capacity, knowledge and passion of previous generations.

This success

was followed by the introduction of RealBolo brand in the first
modern national distribution chain, which led to greater mechanization and
industrialization of the company.
The entry into the modern distribution of packing breads, Fofos and
croissants was a success.

In 2000

there was a new move to the current factory; in addition, the
specialization of brioche pasta and the acquisition of the automatic
production line for Fofos in 2005 were made.

The entry into the Portuguese

market of modern distribution chains and
their demand for RealBolo items, namely Fofos, to include them in their
own brand, accelerated the company’s growth.

In 2010

the company entered the Spanish market with the article Medias
That same year, a fire during production destroyed the fermentation
chamber of Fofos line; however, with the effort of the entire team and,
although with some limitations, in 15 days the company was able to operate

In 2017

the assembly of a new production line began, which allowed to
improve and facilitate the process, as well as to guarantee product
uniformity and increase production. In 2019 RealBolo projects its brand in the market with the construction of a new website and the promotion of a television advertisement.


RealBolo produces around 4 million packages per year, with high
quality standards and the best raw materials.
RealBolo brand means tradition and quality, and it is present on the shelves
of some hypermarkets and supermarkets, establishing a direct experience
with its consumers.

The True Story

This is the true story of Real family.
Today they are already represented by the fourth generation, involved and
committed to continue the mission of spreading this Real Taste.